He’s Here

I heard a line in the song, “There is a King” by Elevation Worship and I posed it as a question on Facebook. “What would you do if He [Jesus] walked into the room?”. One of my friends answered “I’ll say Jeeeeez” and I thought that was cool. I would freeze though. Literally.
I know a few of you will straighten your wigs, pull down your skirts and adjust your blouses too. Some will reapply their lipstick and re-fix their ties and wish their pants were not so tight! 
The truth is Jesus is always with us! We wake up to His presence and we fall asleep in His presence. In between He is with us also. We do not need to wait for Him to walk into the room because He walks with us into every room: classroom! board room! bedroom, living room! Yes, every room. We must live in reverence of Him, stand in awe of Him and be starkly aware of the Lord’s constant presence. 
We should take every decision, make every choice and engage in every conversation knowing that Jesus is with us! There is an anonymous saying, “Christ is the head of our house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation”.
He is our Jehovah Shammah which means “the Lord is there”. What would you do if He walked into the room? Do that today and every day.
Lady Monica ❤

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