Attitude Matters

“And David went out whithersoever Saul sent him, and behaved himself wisely…”1 Sam. 18:5 (KJV)
David had been anointed king over his more seemingly suited brothers; it did not get to his head. He continued to tend sheep. David killed Goliath, the giant whose taunts had sent Israel’s king and valiant soldiers into hiding for forty days; it did not get to his head. Not only did he do whatever the king asked him to do, he behaved wisely. It means he remained humble, respectful, obedient, cooperative. He was not proud, arrogant, rude and conceited. David knew who he was, a king-in-waiting and where he was, in the palace of the king and so acted properly.
Attitude matters. Many have missed great opportunities and missed out on promotions because of bad attitudes. A business venture that did not materialize, a marriage proposal that never came, a romantic relationship that ended before it began.
Sometimes we may have to take a break from laying those prayer requests at His feet and check our attitudes. Yes, I know the bible admonishes us to persist in prayer but if you are not careful you will pray for years for a door that God opened on the first day you prayed. You missed it because you did not behave wisely.
How you carry yourself is important. We have all made snap judgments about people based on how they acted in our presence or even afar. In the same way people will draw conclusions about you based on your attitude. If you are wondering why people move to the other side when they see you coming; do not smile in your direction; disperse when you try to join their conversation, check your attitude, it just might be the reason why.
David’s attitude towards both God and man throughout scripture is commendable. Whether he was tending sheep in the wilderness, living in the palace, running for his dear life, committed adultery and was rebuked; he always knew the right attitude to maintain in any circumstance. No wonder God called him “the man after my own heart”.
Let us all determine to behave wisely wherever we find ourselves. God will help us.
Love, Lady Monica ❤

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