He Didn’t Ask

I know the Bible says “ask and you will receive…for everyone who asks receives…” etc. You have also probably heard sermons and talks on “the power of ask”. All that is true. The other side of it is that some of us refuse to help or serve others because “well, he didn’t ask me”!
Throughout the Bible we find people who received their miracles and breakthroughs because they just asked! The ten lepers, the other leper, blind Bartimaeus, the persistent widow, the lame man at the gate called Beautiful, the Canaanite woman, etc, etc.
There was this guy though-the man with the withered hand. He was in the Synagogue on a Sabbath day when Jesus was there too. Luke 6. He did not ask Jesus to heal him. Jesus called him out from among the people, “… “Stretch out your hand.” And he did so, and his hand was restored as whole as the other.” Luke 6:10. He did not ask.
Let us not wait for people to ask before we help them. Some who are desperate for help may never ask, for many reasons. God will put people in your way who need your help and you may miss the opportunity to serve them if you get so hung up on them asking first. When you identify a need, be quick to meet it. Do not wait for your pastor or leader to ask you first.
There are lots of things God has done for us and still does for us without our having to ask. He did not wait for you to ask to wake up this morning. He just woke you up.
Look around you, who needs your help? Selah!

Lady Monica!❤

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