Happy New You!


We waited with excitement, anxiety and with bated breath. Finally 12/31/17 arrived. We donned our white dresses, blouses, coats, caftans, pants and assembled in church. The atmosphere was charged, praises were lit, the sheer joy was contagious.

Soon it was a few minutes to midnight, our equally excited pastors heaped declarations over us to gleeful shouts of “amen” “I receive it” and “yeeessss Lord”. The arms of the clock assembled northward and firmly positioned themselves on the midnight hour, shouts of best wishes rang out, the musicians’ skillfulness in full display! We sang, we gyrated, we sweated, traded hugs and kisses. Yes, we had crossed over, leaped over, jumped over into 2018.

When the frenzy and excitement subsided, we headed to our homes pumped and ready to face the unknowns of 2018 knowing that our God goes before us.

And so January 2018 is upon us and as I wish you a Happy New Year, I wish to see a Happy New YOU and I hope you wish same for yourself too. As the dust settles, we must not allow life to get back to normal. What are you going to do ensure that the declaration of prosperity you “amend” to will come to pass? Perhaps it is time to start that business or even draw up that business plan. How about the declaration of good health? Maybe it is time to resolve not to eat late, cut down on the sugar and fat and strengthen your heart with some simple exercises.

You received the declaration for marriage; what are you going to do to prepare for it? Maybe it is time to attend the Singles meetings. What about the declaration of a happy marriage? How about you plan to be a more attentive and respectful wife?

There is so much we can do to ensure that 2018 does not become like any other year. It starts with a simple resolution. Make one and stick with it. Take it a step at a time and see how far you can go. Let’s set the right tone in the first month. God will help us all.

Love, Lady Monica Aryitey

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