In 1 Kings 18, Elijah performed an amazing miracle in which he called on God to send fire to consume water drenched sacrifice. In fact unlike the prophets of Baal who could not call rain down after hours of chanting and cutting themselves, Elijah just addressed God in a few words and immediately fire came down.
Right after that he told the king to hurry to his palace because God was about to send rain after three and a half years of drought.
In v.1 God had promised Elijah to send rain after he presented himself to the king. So Elijah was sure that God would send the rain, in fact he could hear the sound of rain coming in the spirit (v.41). Based on the miracle God had just performed and His own promise of rain you would think Elijah really had nothing to do except sit and wait for God to send rain! But no, he went up Mt. Carmel, bent down on the ground and put his head between his knees and started praying for the promised rain.
First lesson, do not sit or sleep on God’s promises to you. Receive them, believe them then pray them into manifestation.
He kept praying and sending his servant to go look toward the sea for signs of rain gathering. His servant went and returned to say there was no sign of rain. Six times the servant came with the same report; six times Elijah responded “Go again.” V.43.
Second lesson, do not give up because your answer has not come as speedily as you expected. God answered Elijah immediately the first time he asked for fire; this time there seemed to be a delay in God doing what He himself had promised!! But Elijah knowing God is a God of truth kept persisting. He did not give up or get angry at God because He was delaying in doing what He Himself had promised.
So God has promised you success in the exam but this is your third time of writing and still did not pass, GO AGAIN. God has promised you a good job, yet this is the second job that has turned you down, GO AGAIN. God has promised you healing and you have prayed for it to happen and it is delaying, GO AGAIN.
On the seventh time the servant saw a cloud “as small as a man’s hand rising…” At that Elijah sent a message to the king to ride fast to the palace before “the rain stops him”. Elijah did not wait to see cumulonimbus clouds before he was assured of rain. That sign of a little cloud was enough to show Elijah that God would be true to His word.
Lesson three, those little things God has done in your life is enough evidence that He is on your side, and He has you. Though you desire to see Him do the spectacular, do not lose sight of what He does for you daily. Let those things assure you that God will do the rest. Trust. Believe. Obey. Go again.
Love, Lady Mo.❤

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