Givers Needed

Nope, I am not coming to ask for your money so keep reading.

Giving is quite a dicey topic especially when it comes to the church but it is a necessary one too so let’s go.

Exodus 32. Three months had passed since the Israelites had left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea. God had summoned Moses to the top of Mount Sinai and he had been gone for a while. Scared, confused and agitated, the people approached Aaron, the second in command, and asked him to make them an idol to go before them. Something they could see and touch as Moses had “disappeared”.

In response, Aaron asked them to give up their gold so he could fashion an idol for them. “So all the people broke off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them to Aaron.” Exodus 32:3 NKJV. Without a thought, without hesitation they brought their prized possessions to Aaron.

How quick and how willing they were to part with their most valuable items to make an idol. An idol. They were not stingy at all. Some believe Aaron did not really intend to make an idol and was hoping that by asking them to give up their valuables they would refuse and say “hey forget it, the idol isn’t that important”. Whether that is true or mere conjecture, the fact remains that they readily gave out their treasures.

How quick, willing and ready are we to part with our money to support God’s work? How quick are we to pay our tithes and offerings regularly and truthfully? Your occasional giving does not cut it. Giving that keeps the doors of your church open, allows your leaders to advance the church and the kingdom, extend help to the needy, engage in missions is consistent, truthful giving.

May we always be willing to return just ten percent of what God has given us and then go beyond that. If they were eager to give to build an idol, surely we can cheerfully give to support the cause of God!

Let us give like God gives-without holding back!

Love, Lady Monica ❤.

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