How do you react when you are confronted with your mistakes, weaknesses, wrongs, sins? Do you get defensive or take a moment to examine yourself to see if there is anything you need to repent of? Two men on my mind today. Judah had three sons. One was married to Tamar but died at the hand of God, with no children. By tradition, Tamar’s brother-in-law had to marry her to raise a family for her dead husband. He did but refused to have children with her and God struck him too. Afraid that his last son would face the same fate if he married Tamar, Judah sent her back home to her family. Tamar caught on to Judah’s scheme eventually. She disguised herself as a prostitute, Judah ended up sleeping with her and she became pregnant. When Judah learned about the pregnancy, he was ready to have Tamar burned then the big reveal happened and Tamar proved that he was responsible. Judah took responsibility and said repentantly, “…, “She is more righteous than I,…”Genesis 38:26. King David! He chose to stay home when he should have been at war. As he paced up and down in his palace, he saw Bathsheba, wife of Uriah showering. He sent for her, slept with her and made her pregnant. To cover his shame he had her husband murdered! Along came Prophet Nathan to confront the king with his sins! David humbly responded, “…, “I have sinned against the Lord .” …” 2 Samuel 12:13. Defensive people; people who never accept their faults and always blame others are not the most endearing people. They are not teachable, they never learn and as such never grow. No one knows it all and no one is perfect; only God is. The next time you are criticized, corrected, rebuked, take a moment to examine yourself and see what you can straighten. Maybe the reason why you have been passed over many times; the reason you do not have meaningful relationships is your attitude to correction. Selah! Blessings! Love, Lady Monica ❤

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