It is such an insult to be called childish, childlike, infantile! We chafe at the very thought of being seen in such light. Children usually cannot wait to grow old and would proudly declare their ages as each birthday rolls around. It is indeed a joy to be a child, not to have a care in the world, have few expectations. Children are usually not self conscious, they will dance in the rain, run around naked, laugh in a carefree manner. Children do not over think and over analyse things. They are impressionable, trusting and freely receive love.

I remember once I came home and found my three plus year old sitting on my bed. She jumped up excitedly when she saw me! This is what ensued:

  • Faith: Mummyyyy
  • Me: I’m not your mummy. I’m her twin Melissa.

She insisted a few times that I was mummy, I stood my ground that I was not.Then she paused, looked at me for a while and started crying!! That girl believed I was not her mom!! I kept it going for a little bit then put her out of her misery. As soon as I said I was mom, she hugged me so tight and I laughed my head off. Only a child!!

What is my point this morning? Jesus said to the disciples who were busily jostling for positions in the kingdom of heaven “…“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:2‭-‬3. Jesus expects that we have a child-like faith. That we receive Him with humility, joy and openness. That we trust Him completely and depend on Him fully. He wants us to have a humble and honest faith in God for that is the only way to please Him. Your children will believe everything you say as fact because they trust you; they accept things in simplicity. Jesus calls us to trust God like how a child trusts his parent.

That said, though we must come to Him like children, we are not to remain children in our faith. We must grow in our faith and in righteousness. Just as a child graduates from drinking milk to eating pureéd foods to chewing meat then cracking bones, so must we mature in our faith.

Love, Lady Monica.❤

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