A Small Goat?

No, this is not about goats though I love goat meat!! The parable of the prodigal son is a beloved one although the father in the story is probably not like yours and mine. I cannot imagine running off to engage in all manner of foolishness and be embraced with so much love on my return; at least not initially. Anyway, that is also not my point today.

In sum, a very wealthy man had two sons. The younger approached him one day and asked for his inheritance. With no hesitation and no long lecture, daddy agreed and gave him his share of the estate in money!! Of course he blew all the money, became homeless and hungry and decided to return home. Daddy was overjoyed to see him and even threw him a party.

Big brother was totally unimpressed and angry at both father and brother and refused join the party. When daddy pleaded with him for understanding, he said “…for years I have worked for you like a slave and have always obeyed you. But you have never even given me a little goat so that I could give a dinner for my friends” Luke 15:29

“But you never asked for a small goat” is my answer to big brother. All he wanted was a small goat to enjoy with his friends? A small goat and he never asked for it? His father probably had hundreds if not thousands of cattle and he could not ask for a small goat?

Perhaps he thought his father should know that he would want to party with his friends every now and then so should have offered him a goat. Maybe he thought it would not seem right to ask for a goat for a party or somehow felt that though he worked hard for his father, he did not deserve to ask for a goat. He failed to realize that all that belonged to his father at that point belonged to him since lil’ bro had taken his share and gone with it. So much wealth belonged to him yet he did not recognize that.

We act more like the big brother in our relationship with God. You want something from God? Just ask. Yes, He knows you need these things and yes He has the power to give them to you. He is willing to give you “whatever you ask in my [Jesus’] name”. So no beating around the bush, no overthinking, no long talk, just go to Him, make your request and in due season He will honor it. He is a good father and is always eager to give you good things. By the way, do not ask God for a small goat; you might as well ask for a bull or two!


Love, Lady Monica.❤

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