Who Is Wise?

Certainly not the one with all four wisdom teeth intact! Two of mine never grew and I just had one removed; it was growing downwards instead of up and almost hitting my nerve! Lol.

I wonder how you will answer this question. If I were to push for answers I bet I will get a plethora of them! There is one answer though in Proverbs 11:30 that I want us to look at. It says “… And he who wins souls is wise.” The person who brings people to the saving knowledge of Christ; the one who plucks people from the hands of Satan and turn them towards Christ, that person is wise!

God cares about people, He loves people and when we have a heart for people it pleases Him to no end. He made the ultimate sacrifice so He could reconcile us to Him again. That is how much He values people. Through the death and resurrection of Christ, God paved the way for us to come back to Him and escape the wages of sin which is death.

As we have found the way to Him, God expects that we will bring others along too-family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, business partners, classmates, etc. If we have found a treasure, something good, we must share with others!

When you get an opportunity to share about and show Christ, seize it. It need not be complicated. It starts with a smile, an encouraging word, an act of kindness and before you know it the door opens for you to talk about Christ.
God has done His part and made the way. We must do our part too and doing that makes us wise in God’s eyes!!

Love, Lady Monica ❤

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