Where is the Baby?

I once attended a baby dedication after party. I did not have a chance to attend the dedication itself so I did not see the baby. It was ok because I figured I would see him at the party anyway. When I arrived the party was in full swing, the decor was tasteful and the guests were well dressed. I saw a gorgeous two-tier cake on a well decorated table in a corner. On either ends of the room were two long tables strewn with shiny silver warmers filled with assortment of foods. Music was playing in the background. Soon the parents of the baby were called to the dance floor to dance to the glory of and in gratitude to God for the gift of the baby. I looked around and I could not see the baby. They both wore the same fabric exquisitely woven and sewn with such beautiful clean lines. They looked amazing. Not long after, we were called to the dinner table and we helped ourselves generously. As the evening proceeded, the parents disappeared for a bit and re-emerged in different attires, this time an expensive looking soft white lace paired with gold accessories and proceeded to cut the cake. I still had not seen the baby.
Finally, I approached the mother and asked if I could see the baby. She looked around for a moment and then called out to her sister and inquired of the whereabouts of the baby. After a few more inquiries they located the baby fast asleep in his car seat, in a back room, probably wearing the same clothes from his dedication oblivious of all the chaos around him.
The guest of honor, the baby for whose dedication celebration all the money was spent, had been forgotten. Cramped in an uncomfortable car seat perhaps wearing a soaked diaper.
Christmas comes to mind. The star of this season is Christ whose birth we celebrate. My question to you is where is the baby? Is He buried under the Christmas decorations inside and outside your house, or under the Christmas tree with the brightly wrapped gifts; or in the Christmas carols playing all around us; or maybe in the shopping, the cards, the gifts and the food? What does Christmas mean to you? Take a moment to reflect on the importance of this day.
Beyond Christmas, where is Christ in your life? Where have you placed Him? This is a good time to locate Christ and put Him first in your life. It will do you a whole lot of good. Trust me.Blessings. Love, Lady Monica.❤

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