Wake Up!!

For a certain period of time a friend, an intelligent one by the way, would sign off every post he made on Facebook with “sleep is for the weak”. It was interesting to read people’s reactions to and comments on what they thought he meant. Some listed for him the benefits of sleeping while others chided him for not sleeping and how lack of sleep was detrimental to his health. Well, he was not talking about sleep in the literal sense but admonishing us all to be vigilant, not to be spectators but contributors to society, to speak up, confront injustices and to do our part.
Proverbs 20:13 also has something to say about sleep. “Do not love [excessive] sleep, or you will become poor; Open your eyes [so that you can do your work] and you will be satisfied with bread.”.
Yes, we all need our sleep, literally, because it is good for us; we all need some downtime to refresh and recharge but we must use our time wisely. We must be productive each day; we must have something to look on at the end of the day to show for what we accomplished, physically and even mentally.
We should not be wasters of time. If you are not doing anything worthwhile with your time, you are sleeping. If you are always procrastinating, indulging in unnecessary sleep ( literally), giving in easily to tiredness, you are sleeping.
There is a time and a season for everything, Ecclesiastes 3 says. We must each identify the time and season we are in so as to know what to do. Sometimes failing to understand your time and season can cause you to sleep unnecessarily. You cannot afford to be sleeping when you should be working for the Bible says if you do that then you will live in a state of lack, poverty and dissatisfaction.
Spiritual sleep will also bring poverty to your soul. If you are lukewarm in your attitude to the things of God, you are sleeping. Not praying, studying the word, attending to the work of God and not sharing the Gospel all point to a state of spiritual sleep and your soul will not enjoy spiritual satisfaction.
The good thing is that we are still in the first month of the year so it is not too late to change some things to set the right tone for your year. Take up that job; write that book, that song; take that course; start that project or business; read that Bible. Wake up and do something!
Blessings.Love, Lady Monica.❤

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