These Walls

” We build walls not because we hate those outside but because we love those inside”. President Trump. Nope, I am not talking about border walls so stay with me for a bit.
Walls keep us safe, give us a sense of security and make us feel almost invincible. If the wall is as high as ten stories, seemingly impregnable, the inhabitants within that will certainly sleep soundly, have no worry about their safety and feel pretty mighty. Such was the story of the city of Jericho.
Jericho was the first city to be taken in the conquest of the Promised Land by the Israelites led by Joshua. Joshua initiated the conquest by sending spies to check out the land. These two spies ended up in the prostitute Rahab’s house. In welcoming them and making a deal for the sparing of her family, she said to them, “…I know that the Lord has given you this land and that a great fear of you has fallen on us, so that all who live in this country are melting in fear because of you.” Joshua 2:9. They had heard of how the Israelites had decimated certain cities and of the miracles God had performed for them and thus quaked in fear.
I found out from my readings that there was approximately a month between the spies’ trip to Jericho and the actual conquest. I am tempted to think that within that time the fear within Jericho had subsided somewhat. In Joshua 6 the Lord gave Joshua the strategy to take Jericho. For six days the army led by seven priests blowing trumpets were to match around the walls of Jericho once each day. On the seventh day, they would match six times in the same manner and on the seventh time, let out a shout and the walls would come tumbling down. It did not seem like much of a plan, right?
If I lived in Jericho and saw this happening every day I would think these guys were crazy. The sight of soldiers fully clad in army gear and armed walking around a wall for days would be interesting. The fact that none of those inside the walls bothered to make any attempts to drive them away or engage them in a battle shows they either did not take them seriously or felt that as long as they remained inside these gigantic and great walls none could harm them. They saw soldiers in full fighting gear and they totally ignored them. What happened on the seventh day-wall tumbling brick by brick-took them by total surprise.
I pray today that that will be the portion of your enemies-those who wished you ill, those waiting to see your defeat, to see you fail, to see you divorced, fired, immobilized by sickness! May they be surprised by your deliverance and victory.
Believe that your seventh day is coming. All those who laughed at you, scorned you, shook their heads at you, dismissed you, gave up on you, called you crazy are about to be surprised. Every wall-difficulty, hardship, challenge, sense of loss, desperation-is coming down. Believe it!
Blessings. Love, Lady Monica ❤

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