The Stirring

“As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: So the Lord alone did lead him…” Deut. 32:11‭-‬12.

I’ve been musing over the first part of this verse all weekend – “as the eagle stirreth up her nest…”. The eagle is everyone’s favorite bird because it boasts of many admirable qualities. They inspire awe and fascination and even the bible uses the eagle to teach us a lot about ourselves and about God.

The eagle is protective of its young but when it is time for the eaglets to get out of the nest and fly, mama eagle is not exactly gentle with them. She stirs up the nest to make them uncomfortable enough to move and attempt to fly so she can teach them how to do so. Though the eaglet may get too big for the nest into which it was hatched, it still remains in it until it is pushed out by stirring, poking and prodding.

Sometimes we are like the eaglet; we stay in one place for so long because we have become comfortable there. Even though that place does not suit us anymore, we stay because it has become our comfort zone, our crutch. We are afraid to take risks and explore the unknown, though doing so will lead us to fly and soar to higher heights.
We give God no choice but to stir us up and out of that place.

He knows the gifts and talents He has placed within you. He knows the good plans He has for you but He needs you to move so He can usher you into your next level of success.

The stirring can be painful, really painful but it is needed if you are to live to your fullest potential.
It comes in different forms: unexpected unemployment, excruciating break-up, a death, sickness, a promotion that never happens, etc.

Usually we see such stirrings as something bad that must be prayed against, bound, cast out, refused, rejected and so on. Yes, some of the misfortunes we encounter deserve such treatment; so may God give us wisdom to know the difference.

It is my prayer that we become sensitive to God’s leading so we do not end up dying in our nests.

Love, Lady Monica

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