The Familiar

We are hanging with our favorite people, the Israelites today too. They had been in captivity in Babylon for seventy years. The prophet Jeremiah had prophesied in Jeremiah 29:10 that God would send them back to their homeland after the seventy years. Daniel had seized that prophesy and fasted and prayed for its manifestation. Finally God raised Cyrus, king of the Persian Empire who defeated the Babylonians and took charge of the Israelite captives.

Led by the Lord, Cyrus made a decree for all the Israelites who wished to return home to do so and rebuild the temple. Ezra 1. Although nearly fifty thousand people returned home, that was just a fraction of the exiles. They had a chance to go home, live free, own property, build something they could call their own, not be subject to foreign rule and some refused the opportunity.

Oh well, we cannot blame them! Can we? They had lived as slaves in a foreign land for so long, most living at the time of the decree had probably been born there. That was all the life they knew, it was familiar, they had found a way to cope with life in captivity so why change it now?

Familiarity can make us cling to a bad situation, an unhealthy relationship or even a toxic environment for a long time. Fear of the unknown can hold us back from getting to where and what God has for us. Coping mechanisms developed over years can keep us stuck in a bad place and prevent us from seizing opportunities God is bringing our way.

What familiar thing, place, situation, condition, even person is keeping you from making progress in this life. Yes, starting anything new or changing direction can be scary, fearful and involve some hard work and some risk. I pray that God will give us grace to break away from the familiar and grab hold of the better things He has for us!!

Love, Lady Mo ❤

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