My kids are not always excited about our house rules. I bet they are not the only ones. For instance we have a rule that if one of the boys commits a “groundable offense” both of them get grounded. The idea is to teach them to be each other’s keeper, correct each other and work as a team.

Well, you guessed it, this is the rule they hate most. One asked recently at what age they will be free from this rule. Adults are not always jazzed about rules either, and some shun Christianity because they see it a means to control them with a long list of dos and don’ts.

Rules are made for several reasons: to protect us, to help us escape consequences we will regret later but cannot undo, to keep is on the right and good path, to ensure order around us, to ensure fairness, etc, etc.

God’s rules, commands, instructions serve these same purposes and more. Most importantly, God’s instructions are given out of love. He does not want to control us but to guide us in love. Our kids do not always understand the need for our rules. I keep telling them that though they may not understand the whys of some of our rules, they can trust in our love for them which motivates us to make these rules.

The Psalmist asked God to “Direct me in the path of your commands, for there I find delight.” Psalm 119:35. I have not met many people who delight in rules but if we understand the rationale or the motivation or the person behind the rules, we can delightfully follow them. God’s rules are made out of His love for us and for our good. They allow us to live freely within well thought out boundaries!


Love, Lady Monica❤

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