King Over the Storm

Last week those of us on the East Coast of the US were bombarded with predictions of a mighty snow storm bearing down on us, Harper was her name. She was supposed to dump snow on us anywhere from eight to sixteen inches, from Saturday night through to late afternoon, Sunday. We cancelled a scheduled meeting at church on Saturday night.
I went to the store on Wednesday to get a few things and it took me close to forty minutes to get to the checkout counter. There were long meandering lines from the checkouts into the aisles. Apparently, people were panic shopping for the impending snow storm. A cursory glance at people’s carriages made me question if I was being too casual about Harper.
So we firmly ensconced ourselves in-doors and by 8pm thereabouts the snow started. By 11pm the weather channel had revised its prediction. After days of telling us we would be getting snowfall totals nearing a foot or more it was now down to three to five inches followed by freezing rain. It was both disappointing and amusing. I thought of all the panic shoppers who emptied the shelves at the stores and wondered how they felt.
All this got me thinking about God and how once again He had swerved us all and how the weather men with all their latest and sophisticated machines and gadgets still could not guess what God intended to do. In Job 38:22, God makes us understand He has command over the storehouses of snow and hail. He keeps them and decides when He will open the storehouses and how much He will let out at a time. No one knows His mind and the most brilliant human minds cannot predict His moves.
“The Lord does whatever pleases him, in the heavens and on the earth, in the seas and all their depths.” Psalm 135:6. He does not need anyone’s permission to accomplish His promises to you and I. He does not need to consult a committee to fulfill His word concerning you. What He has said He will do for you is exactly what He will do. Have no fear, have no anxiety and remember our God is almighty, all- powerful, sovereign and is a good father. This is the God we serve and nothing is impossible to Him. He’s got you and I and we can feel secure in His love.
Blessings.Love, Lady Monica❤.

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