Highest Praise

A week ago today, we (my church) had our maiden Praise-A-Thon, a night of pure praise. The choir had been rehearsing for weeks, learning new songs, new dance steps, planning their outfit, etc. Once during their rehearsal I was in the office and it was so good I could not help but get out into the sanctuary and dance my heart out. D-Day came and we had an amazing time in God’s house. As my pastor (my husband) will say “it was lit and legit”.

We gathered together and sang along to songs from East, South and West Africa, the Caribbean and America (covering most of the nations we have). We danced, knelt, prostrated, lifted our hands, jumped and just had a blast.

Among those gathered were some who were unwell, looking for new jobs, struggling in school, struggling financially, kids who had no care in the world, kids working out issues of self-esteem and peer pressure, those looking for spouses, those looking for children, and those who had it together. It was a melting pot of people with many issues and diverse cultures. Yet, we had one goal that night: to just praise our maker.

A common definition of praise is “thanking God for what He has done”. My pastor (again lol) says praise is therefore a receipt. However, we learn from the Bible that we do not always have to wait for the receipt to praise. In fact our being alive in and of itself is a receipt and it is the biggest receipt we need to praise the Lord. We can trust God to give us the little receipts in due time.

David said “I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalms 34:1. In other words, we must praise God always, through thick and thin, through the storm and the rain, through the sunshine and the cloudiness, in sickness and in health, single or married, childless or fruitful, for great miracles, for small miracles, in all circumstances, continually as long as we have breath. The hymnist goes even further to say “I will praise my maker while I have breath, and when my voice is lost in death.”

You can always find something to complain or grumble about and you can also find something to be thankful and praise God for. I pray that you choose the latter and give God your highest praise today and always.


Lady Monica.❤

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