He didn't have to

He Didn’t Have To

As I was praying on Resurrection Sunday morning, the Holy Spirit began to minister to me and I am going to share it just as He spoke it. “You didn’t have to step into our darkness. Darkness we created ourselves. You didn’t have to come to rescue us from the pit we dug for ourselves. You didn’t have to lose your dignity. You didn’t give up your throne to come down to us. You didn’t have to share your inheritance with us. You didn’t have to. Really. We chose to go astray. We chose a path we thought was good for us. You had every right to say “serves you right, you made your bed, lay in it” We’ll never know the cost of our sin, because you took our place. Condemned to die, you purchased our pardon. You extended divine pardon sealed by your blood. Your royal blood. Your holy blood. You made a choice that would take you down a lonely road fraught with unimaginable pain. Pain no human could handle. The King of kings, the Lord of lords stripped naked, beaten like a common thief and left to die a disgraceful death. Really you didn’t have to. But thank you for doing it! You suffered alone and then you chose to share your glory with us! We get to wear the crown too! We get to be royalty too. You really didn’t have you but I am so glad you did! Thank you.”

Love, Lady Monica ❤

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