Great Expectations

God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, the very one through whom he would become the father of nations! Without hesitation, as far as we know, he took his son, some servants and stuff he needed for the sacrifice. When his son Isaac asked where the animal for the sacrifice was, Abraham told him God would provide. And well, God provided a ram. Genesis 22.

Hebrews 11 gives us a bit of insight into Abraham’s thought process at the time. When Abraham took the step, “[he] reasoned that if Isaac died, God was able to bring him back to life again…” Hebrews 11:19 NLT

Abraham had a great expectation, that even if he sacrificed Isaac, God would resurrect him and God exceeded his expectation by providing a ram.

The woman with the issue of blood also had a great expectation of healing when she ventured out of her prison. She had been held bound for twelve years by an incurable disease that had left her lonely and broke! It must have taken everything in her to decide to reach for more! Matthew 9:20-22.

In both cases, God met their expectations in a big way. There is nothing you expect from God that is too much for Him to handle! Think it, believe it, speak it and trust that He can and will do it. Do not be afraid to expect big from God; with man it may be impossible but with God all things are possible. What are you expecting from God?

Love, Lady Monica ❤

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