Giving Control

Last weekend’s snow storm that never was, still on my mind. We had some extremely cold temperatures here in Massachusetts a couple of days after the snow and freezing rain combo. It reminded me of my days in Montreal, Canada. I had my first experience with icy pavements and sidewalks in that beautiful city. I lived about twenty minutes away from school by bus. I had to go over a small hill to get home. Hills and freezing rain do not go well together. Going up a hill, however small, covered in ice is like taking the up escalator down. You are going nowhere fast.
So one day I came out of class and walked into freezing rain. I made it to the bus stop and got on the bus eventually. The bus did not take the usual route because according to the driver he would not be able to navigate the hill. He detoured through downtown and at some point I decided to get off and walk home. Big mistake. As soon as my feet landed on the sidewalk I started sliding. The sidewalk sloped slightly too. I was perplexed, disoriented, frightened to death and with eyes wide open I kept going. There was nothing to hold on to. A traffic light pole ahead looked so attractive yet seemed so far away. Praying all manner of prayers ( because I had heard horror stories about falling on ice) I made it safely to the pole and to level ground. Drenched in freezing rain, cold and scared I finally arrived at home.
Those few minutes of sliding and having nothing to hold on to was one of the scariest moments of my life. I had no control, it had been taken away from me and I had no say in it. Everyone likes to be in control of their lives – know where they are going; what is coming next; making plans and living according to plan. However walking with God is sometimes like trying to walk on ice. You can only have so much control. You cannot tell God to order your steps and still clutch tightly to the wheel of your life. You cannot pray “thy will be done in my life” and keep gripping the wheel till your knuckles hurt.
If you want to have a meaningful walk with God you must be prepared to loosen up a bit and allow Him to adjust your plans sometimes to bring them in alignment with His purpose. You must be willing to ask Him to take the wheel and actually mean it. It sounds scary but not as scary as walking on ice with nothing to hold on to in sight. Though you may not see God, you can be sure He is right there sliding with you and ready to break your fall should you go down.
Because of who God is, His good and loving nature I am confident that with Him controlling my wheel I will get to a good and safe destination. Have the same confidence and trust Him a little more today. Give Him control. “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10
Blessings. Love, Lady Monica ❤

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