Friends Of Jesus

Friends of Jesus. That sounds like the name of a club or an association! Well, it kind of is. We all have friends and there are certain things we do for our friends and they do for us, which evidence the fact of the friendship.

For every friendship there are expectations, because without expectations we really have no benchmarks to against which to measure the truthfulness of that relationship.

For instance you will expect your friend to be there for you in good times and in bad; to jump to your defense where necessary; not to gossip with others about you; to pray for and with you; to be willing to spend time with you and make some sacrifices for you as well. Friendships have fallen apart because friends did not act as friends or as expected!

In John 15, Jesus was having a conversation with His disciples about friendship! He talked about what He had done for them not only because they were His followers but because they were His friends! These included loving them to the point of willing to lay down His life for them; showing them all His father had shown Him; teaching them about God’s kingdom; and choosing them to be with Him.

In reciprocity, Jesus said “You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.” John 15:14. Obeying what Jesus tells us to do means we are His friends! There we have it! To belong to the Friends of Jesus Club, we must obey His commands. It is also a sign that we love Him.

Obedience is important to God and we see that throughout the bible, Old and New Testaments. Lives were lost, thrones were taken away because of disobedience. In this verse Jesus is calling us to obey not out of fear of punishment but out of love and as a sign of true friendship with Him! Will you love like His friends today and always?


Love, Lady Monica.❤

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