There is nothing I love more than reading a familiar story or chapter in the Bible and suddenly discovering a new meaning or gaining a new insight into it; or a seemingly mundane event that suddenly comes alive with mind-blowing revelation.

The Bible can be boring, tedious and a struggle to read when you try to go it alone. No one loves to read anything they find difficult to understand, how much more study it. The good news is you and I do not have to go it alone. God has provided us with the Holy Spirit whose job description includes teaching us “all things”.

The Holy Spirit according to 2 Timothy 3:16-17 is the author of the Bible and who best to explain it to us than the author himself. The Bible is the Christian’s operating manual; all we need to know to live life here and in the hereafter is contained it. Every blessing we must possessed is in it; every strategy for warfare we must know is in there; every promise we must take hold of is written in it, principles to help us prosper and overcome are in it also. It is important therefore that we diligently study and fully understand its the contents.

The Bible is a spiritual book authored by the Spirit of God therefore we need to resort to the Spirit as we read and study it. We need to ask Him to reveal the truth of the word to us and the more He opens our eyes and our minds to see what wonderful things are contained in the Bible the more we will devour it and digest its great wisdom to enrich our walk with Christ. The next time you pick your Bible to read and study, humbly ask the Holy Spirit to help you and reveal the truth God wants you to gain from your word study.

Let us pray this prayer with the psalmist: “Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law”. Psalm 119:18.


Lady Monica.❤

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