Divine Timing

The Shunammite woman is known as the woman who realizing that Elisha was true man of God, convinced her husband to let them build a room on the top of their house for him. This was to ensure that anytime Elisha passed through Shunem he would have a place to stay. God rewarded her generosity to His servant by giving her a son! The boy later died and Elisha brought him back to life. 2 Kings 4.

Her story does not end there though, several chapters down in 2 Kings 8, we meet her again. There was famine in Israel for seven years and following Elisha’s direction the woman and her family moved to the land of the Philistines for seven years. The woman returned home and decided to petition the king for the restoration of her property.

Unbeknownst to her, at that very moment, the king had summoned Gehazi, Elisha’s servant to the palace to tell him “…some stories about the great things Elisha has done.” 2 Kings 8:4. Of a the things Elisha had done Gehazi chose to recount how Elisha had brought the women’s son back to life. She walked in just that very moment and when Gehazi saw her, he exclaimed excitedly …“Look, my Lord the king!” Gehazi exclaimed. “Here is the woman now, and this is her son—the very one Elisha brought back to life!” 2 Kings 8:5 NLT

The king turned to her for confirmation and afterwards instructed one of his officials to ensure that everything she had lost was restored to her including the value of her crops harvested in her absence!!

May God orchestrate such divine meetings and timing for you. May you show up at the right place at the right time. May you never be late for an appointment with destiny. May He place your name in the mouths of the right people. May your name be mentioned in high places. May you find great favor in the sight of those who have the power to change your story! Amen.

Love, Lady Monica.❤

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