Dawn is Coming

Growing up we used to have watchmen. These were unofficial security guards who would stay outside of the house and keep watch as the rest of us slept. They would usually leave as soon as daylight broke and return by 6pm. They did not have any training, had no sophisticated weapons or protection gear. In fact most of them were men who just could not find other jobs or could not boast of any employable skills.

A watchmen may have a machete or as rumor, had some “black power” to protect himself. I was convinced it was God who protected us, since some of them would find a corner and sleep as soon as the occupants of the house slept. I used to wonder what kept them going night after night sitting in darkness staring into the silence of the night apart from the paltry paycheck. Sheer bravery? Or perhaps the anticipation of the morning light peeking through the darkness at some point.

The watchman knows that however long the night, dawn will come; however deep the darkness, it will not last forever.

The writer of Psalm 130 was going through some dark situations and what kept him going was the anticipation of the Lord’s deliverance. He knew his hopeless condition would not last forever because he trusted in the faithfulness of God. He wrote “I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.”

The comfort of that anticipation gave him hope to endure the darkness. There is always the fear of not making it through the night (the suffering, the difficulty) but if we can trust in God’s promises of goodness, deliverance, victory, etc., we can and will make it through the night.

Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.

As you wait for morning to break over you or your situation, do not lose hope, stay alert and watch for God’s deliverance. The rays morning light will peek through soon.



Lady Monica

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