Construction Ahead

You have an important appointment. You are expected to be there at least half an hour before the set time or you just want to get there early. You oversleep or something else happens and you leave home late. As you zoom down the highway, hoping no officer will spot you breaking all speed limits, you see a blinking sign “Construction ahead, expect delays”.

You may choose to scream, hit your steering wheel a few times or a lot, cry, but none of that will stop the sign from continuing to blink. You either start making some calls and stay the course or attempt a detour through the nearest exit if that is even an option.

On the highway of life, unexpected construction work will happen leading to unexpected delays. It can be frustrating and depressing too. You plan your life carefully, setting milestones-the age you must be done with school, the job you want, the age you must marry, the number of kids you want to have, their gender and by what time they should be born, etc. We always have ideas of how our lives should go but sometimes God has other plans for us. In getting us on the path He has for us, we might experience delays. Yet the slow down sometimes saves us from making mistakes, crashing, or even worse.

An unplanned pregnancy, a surprising fail in an exam, a college rejection, a firing from your dream job, prolonged unemployment, a death, a divorce you did not see coming, a financial crisis, etc. All these can mess up your “perfectly” planned life.

Solomon, the wise said in Proverbs 16:9 that “A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 NKJV. This is a spiritual truth we cannot forget. As we plan our lives, let us commit our ways to the Lord and also make allowances for some delays, stops, slow downs and detours too. I am comfortable letting the one who knows all things lead me and guide my steps in this life. Patiently trust Him to get you there anyway or just at the right time, delays notwithstanding.

Blessings. Love, Lady Monica ❤

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