Being Still

Stillness is not my thing. I need to be always doing something. It keeps me alive and makes me feel useful. I am always seeking to solve problems, mine and others’. My mind is hardly quiet. If I sit still for a few hours I feel I am idling, surely there’s something that needs my attention. If you find me on my phone I am most likely figuring out a situation, giving counsel and calming nerves!

I do not like to feel helpless or find myself in a position where I simply cannot do anything about a situation. That will make me anxious. I have a feeling I just described some of you, dear readers.

The truth though is that in life we will encounter situations we cannot do anything about, simply because we just do not have the power, ability or authority to do anything about it. There are times when we really need to be still and allow the higher power-God-to step in and do His thing.

Take the Israelites at the Red Sea, our muses for today, for example. They marched out of Egypt boldly under the leadership of Moses. (Exodus 14:8). Pharaoh regretted letting them go so he rallied his huge army to pursue them. Once the Israelites looked up and saw the tsunami of soldiers, horses and chariots, they were thrown into pandemonium. They tore into Moses like there was no tomorrow.

Moses had some words of comfort and assurance for them ending with “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14. In that situation, what else could they do but be calm, be still and give way to God to move? They were trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea, literally; they had nowhere to run, no forward, backward or sideways. They had no power to do anything about the situation, they just had to trust God or die.

I know you are anxious to change your situation; you are tired of the condition. In fact you have tried a few things or a lot to fix it but nothing has worked so far. Be still and let God take over. Be still means have faith, trust, dial down the anxiety, turn it over to God, stop striving, let go, stop thrashing around and ask Him for help. Know when to take your hands off the wheel, relax and let God drive. Today I will be still, will you?

Love, Lady Monica❤

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