At His Feet

My mother taught me that when guests come home, you first offer them water and where necessary, something to eat. You make sure they have all they need before you sit down with them. Well, Mary forgot all that good training when Jesus showed up at the house she shared with her sister Martha. (Luke 10:38-42)

Mary recognized that this man was no ordinary guest, she saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear him speak at such close proximity. She broke all protocol, forgot all good manners and took her position at His feet. Yes, Jesus and His entourage must have been hungry and thirsty but mehnnn, the man was speaking the words of life and in that moment Mary was all about nourishment for her soul and not nourishment for her guests’ stomachs.

She wanted to catch every word He spoke as if they were the last drops of water on earth. Instead of giving Him earthly water to drink she wanted that living water that Jesus offered; instead of cutting up some freshly baked bread for Him, Mary wanted the bread of life Himself!! Her excitement knew no bounds as she forgot all good manners and societal norms. That is how important being at His feet was to Mary.

How important is it to you? Like Jesus told sister Martha when she complained about Mary not helping her serve, we get distracted by many things and fail to focus on what is needful; what is more important. We schedule time for our friends, we schedule “me times “, we schedule time for nights out with the girls, our boos and husbands, we take time off for vacations…the list is endless.

My question is how much time do we schedule for hanging out with our Lord and Master. Our Pastor always says the proof of love is the investment of time. Purpose to make time for Him each day. That is more important than anything else! Blessings.

Love, Lady Monica❤.

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