Total Waste?

The party was in full swing. There was much food to eat and drinks to drink. Suddenly out of nowhere, a woman made her way up to where the guest of honor sat. All eyes were trained on her, silence fell on the noisy crowd.

She stopped in front of Jesus, knelt down, broke the jar of expensive perfume she clutched to her chest earlier, over His feet. The fragrance filled the room and as the crowd got a whiff of it, they began to murmur! It was an extremely expensive nard, valued about a whole year’s wages.

Some were shocked, some were indignant, others scorned at what she had done. A few were bold enough to scold her. When Jesus’s own disciples saw what she had done, they remarked “what a total waste” Matt 26:8 TPT. Jesus had to speak up in her defense, “leave her alone” He said. “What she has done will be told as a memorial to her”.

I know that sometimes people’s attitudes may cause you to question your service and worship to God. They will sneer at what you do, pass caustic comments, trivialize your service or question your motives.

However when you know the value of your service and that the object of your service is really an audience of one-God-you keep worshiping, serving and doing whatever is needed to push His kingdom forward.

Nothing you do either in the house of God or outside of it, for God, is ever wasted. Yes, people may misunderstand you, malign you and make you feel stupid, like they did to this woman. Jesus values your work and your service. All you do for Him is building a memorial in your favor. And if God is pleased with you, what do you care about what man thinks?! Keep up the good work!


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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