Too Simple?

This is how the Bible describes Saul the son of Kish: “…a choice and handsome son… There was not a more handsome person than he among the children of Israel. From his shoulders upward he was taller than any of the people. I Samuel 9:2.

After the description of this obviously fine man, the next thing we read is that Saul’s father sent him to go search for lost donkeys. Uh-oh! Now that was unexpected. Kish had servants and yet sent his fine, eye candy of a son on such a simple, unglamorous task!

As the story goes, Saul did not protest. He didn’t grumble that the task was too demeaning for him. He obliged and went with a servant to find the missing donkeys. And in doing so, met with his real destiny. He was destined to be king and in going on a simple task that seemed to be beneath him, Saul came back anointed not just as king but as the first king of Israel.

Sometimes it is in the simple things that we encounter God’s blessings. It is in the things we do behind the scenes; the things that no one sees that lead to our biggest blessings. Don’t always look for the limelight and don’t despise the tasks that seem unimportant; things that anyone can do.

Be willing and humble enough to take on the assignments that look too simple and then give it your best shot. Even if noone sees it God does and that’s really what matters. He is the ultimate rewarder.

If Jesus who is God was willing and humble enough to leave Heaven to come down to eat with sinners and die a gruesome and humiliating death for us, then we should never feel too big to do whatever we must do for God and for others too. What is that simple task or job you need to do? Start today!


Lady Monica ❤

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