One of the most frequently used phrases in our Faith is “in his time”. It is not always the most comforting of phrases because God’s time doesn’t always match ours.

Noah on my mind. He and his family as well as an innumerable company of animals had been shut up in the ark for over a year. I can’t even imagine how that was like. I am sure they yearned for dry land at some point, I know I would.

Finally the water started to recede. He sent a number of birds out to enquire of the state of the land outside. When the dove brought back a leaf, they knew things were getting back to normal. When the next bird did not return Noah knew the earth was dry again.

“By the first day of the first month…the water had dried up from the earth. Noah then removed the covering from the ark and saw that the surface of the ground was dry” Gen. 8:13.

Many of us would have jumped out of the ark at that point but Noah waited. He waited for over a month and then came out with his family only when God told him to come out!
Can we be like Noah? Can we try not to run ahead of God? I know you’re tired of your particular situation and you long for change. Your longing and desire for change, a solution may push you out of the ark before the right time.

Yes, Noah noticed the ground was dry but it only became completely dry more than a month later. If Noah had led his family out of the ark because the land was dry it would have been premature. God knew when it would be completely dry and only then would it be good for them to come out of the ark.

There is a difference between dry and completely dry, you know. Wait on God’s timing.


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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