The Longest Walk

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the latter knew God meant business. The narrative in Genesis reads as if this was a walk in the park for Abraham. Right after God asked him to do the unthinkable, the Bible reveals that Abraham said nothing; he [just] rose up the next morning and set off with his son.

We know, though, that these heroes of the Bible were “subject to like passions,” so we could surmise that Abraham had questions, was anguished and confused. Yet, he pressed on perhaps hoping against hope that God was kidding!

God, though, was cool because He knew how this journey would end. He knew it was a test and that Abraham would return home with a living child. He had prepared a ram and tied it up in the thicket for the sacrifice. He was agonizing and sweating for nothing. It was all a setup for an even greater blessing.

I just want to encourage you to trust the walk, commit to God, His plans, and His ways even when they don’t make sense.

You may be going through some senseless stuff, but God will pull you through and bring you to a place of laughter. You will breathe an Abrahamic sigh of relief soon.

This must have been the longest walk of Abraham’s life. He didn’t argue with God or try to reason with Him; he just did what he was asked. Trust God’s word, trust His plans for you, and keep walking in Faith.


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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