The Call

The book of Mark records Jesus’ calling of five of his disciples: Andrew, Peter, James, John and Matthew. It was a very simple process-no frills, no drama. The first four were fisherman and the fifth a tax collector.

They were going about their usual duties, when Jesus pulled up and simply said “follow me”. Immediately they left their boats, nets, father, tax collecting desk and followed Jesus.

These were not some poor, aimless men who had nothing going for them. They had businesses, lucrative too but were willing to let all go to follow a man who didn’t even have a bed to lay on. They sensed He had something greater and better than all the money they could make and the comforts it provided.

When we accept the call to follow Jesus, it means we are willing to let Him lead us and to let go of everything for His sake. I am not asking you to quit your job or close down your business to follow Jesus.

I am asking that you examine yourself and your walk with Christ. Is there anything in your life that is hindering your following? Are there some things you must let go so you you can follow Him wholeheartedly? Maybe some things and some people are holding you back and distracting you. Following Jesus also means doing what He asks of you.

These men of means left everything to follow Jesus. Have you left everything to follow Him? Good question huh?


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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