The 12th Hour

If you live long enough, you’ll experience some 12th-hour moments. These are those moments where all hope is gone; where you believe there is no possibility of change in your situation; where you’ve completely given up on fulfilling your expectations; where you just decide to settle for your current situation.

A quick scan through the Bible will reveal so many of these moments. We’ll look at a few in a moment.

I bet you’ve heard of “the God of the eleventh hour”. We all love it when God shows up just at the right time. Just before the issue became irrevocable; just before we put the last nail in the coffin! In the 11th hour there is hope however minute that something can still change, that a miracle can still happen.

When the 11th-hour passes and nothing happens, then we enter the 12th. Scripture has proven to us time and again that God can still show up in the 12th hour. Here are a couple of 12th-hour miracles.

The widow of Nain ( Luke 7:11-17). She and a large procession were on the way to bury her son amidst anguished weeping when Jesus showed up, touched the coffin, and raised him from the dead! Lazarus was dead and buried for a good four days when Jesus showed up and raised him too (John 11:38-43)

Let these two accounts encourage and ignite hope in you once more. However hopeless you think your situation is, it’s not impossible for God to turn it around. You can count on that. Don’t give up just because the 12 hour is upon you. Yes, miracles still happen in the 12th-hour.


Love, Lady Mo ❤️

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