I am musing on a line from a Matthew West song that says to God “somehow you don’t see me like I do”. Ain’t that the truth? Sometimes we see ourselves through lenses of shame and of a past we’re not so proud off. We tend to judge ourselves more hashly than God does. While He’s looking at us through the lenses of love and kindness, we’re so focused on how unworthy we are.

Where we see limitations, He sees endless possibilities! When Abraham was busily scheming and lying to secure a place in Gerar, God called him a prophet. As Gideon hid like a coward, God saw a mighty man of Valor. Saul was lying around his father’s house yet in him God saw the first king of Israel! What about Moses? He thought he was just a shepherd, but God saw a deliverer extraordinaire.

I am so thankful that God does not see me like I do. The challenge is getting you and I to see ourselves from God’s perspective. May God give us the eyes of faith to see ourselves like He does. Only then will we be able to effectively partner with Him to become who and what He created us to be and do. Only then will the fear, anxiety and self-doubt evaporate and we can live life as God intended.


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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