Everyone needs to add this potent five-letter word to his/her vocabulary. It can unlock and lock doors, it can make relationships thrive or die. It’s not the easiest word to use and some will cut off their tongues rather than say sorry. We gleefully teach it to our children, we expect to hear it from others but we are not always quick to use it.

So many relationships have needlessly soured because one person does not know how to say “sorry.”

The Bible admonishes us to apologize to one another because God cares about our relationship with Him and with others too. Matthew 5:23 says if you’re even at the altar to offer your gift to God and you remember that a brother has something against you, go fix that first then come complete your offering.

Hebrews 12:14 adds that we should strive for peace with everyone. It is our Christian duty to be quick to say sorry whether we intended to offend or not. Sometimes you’ll have to apologize even when you believe you are right (ask married couples).

Saying sorry shows you’re humble, you take responsibility for your wrongs, you’re willing to make changes, you care about the relationship and you are obedient to God!

Let us prioritize and preserve our relationships whether it’s a marital, filial, business, familial or spiritual, by saying sorry quickly. Strained relationships with one another will impinge on our relationship with God.

Is there anyone you need to say sorry to?

Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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