Pray for us

I must admit that when I go into prayer, I’m usually the last person on my mind! By the time I’m done praying for every other thing and person, it’s time to move on to other obligations.

Paul in his letter to the Colossians asked for prayers for himself and other workers in the vineyard. ” And pray for us, too…” Colossians 4:3a

The content of the prayers, he asked for is even more important. He didn’t ask for posessions or things that would make his life comfortable. He asked for prayers for God to open doors for his message (of the gospel) and for the grace to proclaim it as clearly as he should!

Every time someone tells me he or she is praying for us and our family, it warms my heart. A pastor’s job is overwhelming and it transcends the physical making it imperative that prayers be made for us consistently.

Paul is in effect telling us not to let our prayers be small minded or egocentric. It’s tempting to just focus your prayers on you and your immediate issues or circle. We need a bigger landscape for our prayers!

Let’s strike a balance in our prayers between earthly things and spiritual things.

The next time you are in prayer, cut a wider swath and remember to pray for your pastor and all others in God’s employment. Pray for them as individuals, pray for them as spiritual leaders, pray for their families and whatever else God lays on your heart. God will be pleased with you!



Lady Mo ❤️