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P & A: Prayer & Answer.

Acts 12 opens with the news that the great Apostle James had been executed with a sword by King Herod. When Herod realized it pleased the Jews, he had Peter arrested, jailed to be executed after the Passover.

The church was praying for Peter’s release though. God answered their prayer and sent an Angel to release Peter in a fashion only God could accomplish.

This got me thinking about how God answers prayer. Though the Bible doesn’t say, I can infer that the Church prayed for James’ release too, as they did for Peter. However, God answered that prayer differently-by calling James home. Looks like God stood by and let James, one of the big three, get killed like a criminal when He could have delivered him.

Ultimately it’s all about the will of God. He will heal one but call another home. He will remove one’s thorn in the side and decide to let another’s remain. When we approach prayer with that mindset and an understanding that God’s will will prevail; that His will is always good though it may not accord with what we want, we will endure fewer disappointments.

He loves us, He sees it all, He knows it all and we should be content and feel secure enough to let Him answer our prayers His way.


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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