March on!

We all know about the famous wall of Jericho. The children of Israel were finally on the verge of possessing the Promised Land, but they had to first conquer Jericho. Jericho was greatly fortified, surrounded by an impregnable wall of about forty six feet high!

God instructed Joshua to have the people march around the wall for seven days then shout and the wall would come down! (Joshua 6:1-15). Joshua didn’t tell the people all God told him. Each day he would tell them to get up, march around the wall and then go home!

They didn’t know how long the march would go on for; they didn’t know why they were walking around the wall. All they knew was that Joshua wanted them to march and they kept matching patiently, day after day. On the seventh day, the wall came down as God had promised.

They kept marching for six days without seeing any sign of change. There was no crack in the wall, no stone dislodged, but they kept going.

Maybe you have been praying about an issue for so long but not seeing any change. I want to encourage you not to give up. Keep praying. God has a plan to bring you victory. If they had stopped marching on day five or day six because it seemed futile or pointless, they would not have enjoyed victory.

However discouraging it looks, keep praying, keep trusting and keep being obedient to God’s word. I assure you day seven will come and you will witness the miracle of answered prayer. Keep marching!


Love, Lady Monica ❤

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