First Glance

She knew she wasn’t liked by the women of the town. She steered clear of them to avoid their disapproving looks and whisperings. She would always wait to go to well the long after the women had drawn their water. Due to their ungracious treatment of her and her checkered history with men, she carried a chip on her shoulder. She had no time for foolishness.

That particular afternoon, the Samaritan woman felt quite aggitated when she saw the man sitting by the well. She was in no mood for chatter yet this man was determined to talk to her.

Against her better judgement, she chose to indulge him for a quick second and go her way. Little did she know the unassuming man was the Messiah and those five minutes would change her life forever, transforming her from a scarlet woman into an evangelist.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss people who don’t look a certain way. It is true that man looks at the outside and all or most of us make snap judgements about people based on how they look or carry themselves.

Maybe past experience makes you cautious in dealing with strangers and people who don’t seem to have a lot in common with you, but politeness or a kind word will not cost you anything but might lead to something valuable. Hebrews 13:2 encourages us to “not forget to show kindness to strangers for by do doing, others have unknowingly entertained angels”.

Purpose to be a little nicer and kinder today and make a conscious effort to smile at a stranger today!.


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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