Cheap Crosses

“Cheap crosses”. That was the sign on a stall at a bazaar. It just didn’t sound right!

I don’t own a cross necklace but I’ve seen quite a number of people sporting those and I’m sure they have good reason for acquiring them too. It brings comfort to some; others wear it as a memorial. Whatever it means to you, the Cross certainly was not and is not cheap.

I say it’s the most important symbol of our Faith. It was on the Cross that the battle for our souls was won, the dominion of sin was broken and true freedom was given to us! The Cross became the much needed bridge between divinity and humanity. One hymnist called it the emblem of suffering and shame.

To the follower of Christ, He says “…you must give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me. Luke 9:23

Yes, Jesus paid the price for our sin but it wasn’t to free us to live for ourselves. Self denial (or giving up your own way) means putting God first at all times and then living selflessly for the sake of others too.

It means loving the difficult people in your live; extending forgiveness even when you’d rather not; giving up your comfort so another person can be confortable; sharing the little you have, etc. It may mean sacrificing your sleep to spend time in God’s presence! How much value do you place on the Cross?

Christ’s cross wasn’t cheap. Let’s not cheapen it by how we live!


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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