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As For Me…

Last week we celebrated our youth and young adults’ week. As part of the celebrations, we had our teens compete in a sermon challenge. Each of them was to preach a ten minute sermon on hope. Teen after teen delivered great sermons and our son Joseph titled his “Don’t get your hopes up”.

That’s a phrase we’ve all probably heard before, especially when we dared to believe for the impossible or the unlikely. But that is what hope is about. Hope pushes us to believe for greater, better and the unusual. Hope keeps our blood pumping. Hope gives us a reason to go! A reason to live. You lose hope and you start settling for the bottom! You give up hope and life isn’t worth living!

Life can be difficult, no doubt and in order not to be swallowed up by the many seemingly hopeless and impossible situations we need to lift up hope as a shield and a banner. In Psalm 71:14, David said “As for me I will always have hope…”. It is believed he wrote this Psalm when he was on the run from his son Absalom after the latter rebelled. David’s house was on fire and he was once again running for his life, not knowing if he’d return to Jerusalem ever again.

In that place of hopelessness, he boldly declared and affirmed his hope in God! What are you facing now that seems impossible? With no end in sight? What is troubling you? What has left you broken and scared? I want to recommend hope to you. Hope in God’s goodness, His love and His mercy.

As for me I will always have hope, no matter what. What about you? Keep your hopes up!!


Love, Lady Mo ❤

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