After this…

When we meet Job in the first chapter of his eponymous book, we encounter a man described as a good and God-fearing man who stayed away from evil. Before the chapter ends, he suffers unbelievably shocking calamities. He loses everything from children to servants to animals, the source of his massive wealth. By chapter two, his body is afflicted with disease.

From there, he went through emotional, mental, and spiritual turmoil. He questioned himself, questioned God, and wondered why. He was in a bad place.

The Bible doesn’t tell us how long Job suffered. However long it was, it seemed like eternity to him. He patiently endured the pain, the humiliation and stayed the course. In the end, God came through for Job and restored him.

Job 42:16 puts it this way “After this Job lived one hundred and forty years, and saw his children and grandchildren for four generations.”

After this. After his afflictions, after those difficult and seemingly senseless losses, after his body was beaten up. After all of that, his prosperity began again. He experienced double for his trouble, and he received great increase.

Whatever you’re going through in this season, however unbearable, senseless, or difficult, know that there will be an “after this.” It will end, and God will give you victory. Just hold on, trust Him, keep talking to God, and patiently wait for Him. After this, you will see prosperity, restoration, and increase; you will laugh again, and you will live a full life.


Love, Lady Monica ❤️

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